Today I want to discuss a few reasons why the barbell is the most effective strength training tool in the gym. Let’s first discuss the economy of the barbell. The barbell is very affordable! Even the best barbells are hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more affordable than machines. Barbells also do not take up much space. For those who have aspirations of building a home gym, barbells are easily stored and do not take up much space. Barbells allow for a wide variety of exercises to be completed. Unlike machines, that only serve a specific purpose, a barbell can be used to complete hundreds of different movements! Barbells can also be incrementally loaded! Unlike dumbbells, which typically only go up in increments of 5 pounds and cost a crap ton of money for a whole set, a barbell can be loaded with very small plates! My gym has plates as low as ¼ pound…talk about progressive overload! This ability to load in tiny increments helps lifters continuously provide higher intensities to ensure long term progression. A barbell is also very durable. Barbells, especially good brands, can tolerate extremely heavy loads without fear or bending or breaking! In conclusion, a barbell is affordable, can be used for many exercises, can be incrementally loaded to ensure long term progression, and is very durable! These are a handful of reasons why you should invest in a barbell and spend the majority of your time training with one! That’s it for the day! And remember…only stronger.