Today I want to discuss what is holding you back from becoming bigger and stronger…poor programming. Many people have their training priorities out of order, and stress very insignificant concepts when attempting to build themselves a program. Many people associate the “pump” with muscle growth or a wide variety of exercise selection to “confuse or shock” their muscles to grow. Let’s discuss a main contributor to size and strength that is quite often overlooked… mechanical load. Mechanical load is the loading of muscles through exercise and is a main contributor for strength and hypertrophy, muscle growth. Over time, the tissue adapts and becomes resistant to the effects of mechanical load and to progress you MUST continue to progressively overload. Let me tell you story. In Greek mythology, there was a man named Milo. Milo wanted to become bigger and stronger. He decided that he was going to start carrying a calf. He continued to carry the calf until it became a bull. Everyday, the calf got bigger, and as a result Milo’s muscles grew bigger and stronger. This is a very basic idea of progressive overload. Progressively overloading your training through either increasing intensity, volume and/or frequency overtime is arguably the most important training factor to continuously grow bigger and stronger. When building a program, I would suggest being specific to the adaptations you desire (read earlier blog about specificity), and progressively overloading to continue to become better. Another piece of advice when trying to become bigger and stronger is pick compound, multi-joint movements like the squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, pull-up, row, etc. and master them and progressively overload them. That is it for the day! And remember…only stronger.