As trainers we hear “how do I” questions on a daily basis. If your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or simply look good naked, there is one solution for every “how do I” question. The simple solution is find what you are passionate about and train for that specific purpose.
For example, I have client who wants to lose weight but also enjoys skiing in the winter. I have built him a ski performance training and diet plan that will give him optimal results. This plan will give him the tools that he needs to become the best skier that he can be.
If his only focus was weight loss then he would not be able to maintain his motivation in or out of the gym for an extended period of time. Whereas if we focus on an activity that he likes, such as skiing, he is motivated to become better at what he loves doing and in turn lose weight and become healthier.
Let face it! Dieting just to lose weight and exercising “just because” can be a burden and a waste of time. That is why at Like Iron Fitness we believe that every “How Do I” question should be answered with “Well, what do you love?” Once you have answered this then you can start a smart and effective performance based training and diet program that will make you better at what you love (and make you look great naked)!
If you would like to start your performance based training and diet program then contact us! Just tell us what you love to do and Jackson and Wes Goodman will create a program that will optimize your time spent in the gym and more importantly your results!
We hope this was of help and if you have any questions please let us know.