Peaking for Performance

July 20, 2017By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized No Comments

Today I want to discuss a topic that has been on my mind lately…peaking. I will discuss the process of peaking as it relates to powerlifting, but the principles of peaking can be used universally. Let’s start by defining today’s terms… fitness, fatigue, and preparedness. Fitness is defined as the quality of being suitable to … Read More

What Should I Eat?

October 10, 2015By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Hey guys, Wes here, today I want to discuss nutrition. I want you guys to really think about this one word…adherence. I deal with many clients with many performance goals. Some people want to perform optimally at their sport and others just want to look good naked. Both goals go back to that one word…adherence. … Read More

How Do I….?

October 10, 2015By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

As trainers we hear “how do I” questions on a daily basis. If your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or simply look good naked, there is one solution for every “how do I” question. The simple solution is find what you are passionate about and train for that specific purpose. For example, I … Read More