Strength and Hypertrophy

August 8, 2017By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Today I want to discuss what is holding you back from becoming bigger and stronger…poor programming. Many people have their training priorities out of order, and stress very insignificant concepts when attempting to build themselves a program. Many people associate the “pump” with muscle growth or a wide variety of exercise selection to “confuse or … Read More

Three Steps to Shredded

August 2, 2017By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Three steps to shredded! Over years of training, coaching, and studying I have the fitness industry’s secrets to get you in the best shape of your life! Many trainers will charge hundreds of dollars to give you this information, but we’re going to give it to you for free! With no further ado, here are … Read More

Why the Barbell?

July 24, 2017By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Today I want to discuss a few reasons why the barbell is the most effective strength training tool in the gym. Let’s first discuss the economy of the barbell. The barbell is very affordable! Even the best barbells are hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more affordable than machines. Barbells also do not take up … Read More

Peaking for Performance

July 20, 2017By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Today I want to discuss a topic that has been on my mind lately…peaking. I will discuss the process of peaking as it relates to powerlifting, but the concepts of peaking can be used universally. Let’s start by defining today’s terms… fitness, fatigue, and preparedness. Fitness is defined as the quality of being suitable to … Read More

Strength Training and the Elderly Population

July 19, 2017By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Today I want to discuss why the elderly population can benefit from strength training. The main focus of today will be age related muscle loss and decrease in bone mineral density, quite often accompanied by loss of mobility and increased frailty. Let’s start by defining some terms. Sarcopenia, age related atrophy (atrophy meaning loss of … Read More

A Novice Approach to Strength Training

July 18, 2017By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Last week we discussed progression for a well trained individual. Today, I want to discuss what approach to take for an untrained individual…a novice. As a personal trainer, and now a gym owner, untrained individuals make up the majority of the population that I deal with. How do you get someone who is completely untrained … Read More

A Scientific Way of Thinking

July 17, 2017By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Today I want to talk about something related to the fitness industry, but that is also applicable to life. The topic I want to cover is the truth and how it relates to science. I want you guys to think about what I am about to say. Science is about uncovering the truth, it is … Read More

What Should I Eat?

October 10, 2015By likeironfitness@gmail.comUncategorized

Hey guys, Wes here, today I want to discuss nutrition. I want you guys to really think about this one word…adherence. I deal with many clients with many performance goals. Some people want to perform optimally at their sport and others just want to look good naked. Both goals go back to that one word…adherence. … Read More