Today I want to talk about something related to the fitness industry, but that is also applicable to life. The topic I want to cover is the truth and how it relates to science. I want you guys to think about what I am about to say. Science is about uncovering the truth, it is not about defending bias. I run into problems frequently where it is the opposite. With where the fitness industry is going it seems to be a lot of scheming and or people defending bias even though there is plenty of evidence and logic to support the opposing side. I believe that if you feel strongly on a topic you should be able to support it with evidence, logic and argue rationally when debating topics of interest. The problem is that the fitness industry, and many other things, seem to be full of bull crap! There is lack of evidence to support wild claims and logically these claims don’t make any sense! But for some reason people buy into the bull crap. I feel this problem can be solved if people were to just ask WHY! Being a skeptic and questioning things doesn’t make you a bad person… it makes you a logical person! If the person you ask why to can’t offer you a rational, logical, and if possible evidence based answer than you are better off not taking that individuals advice. Keep this in mind next time you hear something skeptical or something that sounds too good to be true… take a second and just ask why. Lastly, for any bias you may have, if you feel strongly about them, find evidence to support your own claim and debate it rationally. Things don’t need to get so heated that they turn personal….be respectful. That’s it for the day guys! I’ll tune back in sometime later this week to continue talking about strength training. Just remember science is a process and it is about uncovering the truth…not defending bias.